Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe for Valuable Dinner

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe for Valuable Dinner

When the dinner part comes, some people are started to look for best menu that they can cook. Well, it is pretty acceptable because dinner party is something which is very special and is needed to be supported using high quality of meals. You can try to make sweet and sour chicken recipe as the solution. It is a kind of menu which is loved by almost everyone. You can even serve this menu for someone that you do not know about his or her flavor. To begin the whole steps and cooking sequence, you need to prepare the ingredients for first.

sweet and sour chicken recipe

sweet and sour chicken recipe

Preparation :

The presence of 8 ounces pineapple chunks will be the thing on the first point of your ingredients list. It should be drained to get the most proper taste and form. After preparing those main items, you should prepare some other elements such as the quarter cup of cornstarch. Then, choose the best boneless chicken breast and cut it into 1 inch cubes. Make sure that there are no skins on the chicken you buy. Some other supporting elements such as salt, white pepper, egg, vegetable oil and green bell pepper can be adjusted to your own flavor of sweet and sour chicken recipe.

Steps How To Make sweet and sour chicken recipe :

To done the whole steps of making sweet and sour chicken recipe, you can start the preparation for first, Just combine the water, sugar and vinegar into the pineapple juice. If you want to be natural, you can just let them in their own form. However, to make it more attractive, you can put some orange natural food coloring. Heat them up and stir it with the cornstarch when the cook is done. Then, you can also preparing the base material such as oil, salt, pepper and egg together before you place the chicken pieces inside.

After you are done with the base preparation, you can concentrate of releasing better chicken pieces. To make great taste on the chicken, you can adjust the oil heat into 360F degrees. Fry the chicken in that hot oil for about 10 minutes. You can also stop the cook when the chicken color is golden. Remove it up and drain in the paper towels. Once you done with that, it is the time to finish the serving of sweet and sour chicken recipe.

You can place the green peppers, pineapple chunks and some supportive materials in the special plate. As the final, just pour the hot sour sauce over the chicken.

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