Shaped Cookies ,10+ Delicious Shaped Cookie Recipes

Shaped Cookies are not only delicious, they look good too. The category of shaped cookie recipes, means that the dough is shaped before the cookies are baked. They are created by various methods and it is the texture of the dough that determines the way cookies are formed.

Molded cookies use a firm dough which can either be shaped by hand, stamped with a pattern before baking or baked directly in a mold.

Bagged or Piped cookies use a soft dough and are shaped with a pastry bag or cookie press to form fancy shapes.

Rolled Cookies are made from a firm chilled cookie dough rolled out with a rolling pin.
The cookies are then cut in shapes with various cookie cutters.

Hershey Kiss Cookie Recipe

Hershey Kiss Cookie Recipe

Take a look below at some really delicious Shaped Cookie Recipes. It is a good idea to read through the recipe first, to become familiar with the ingredients, time and equipment necessary for making the cookie. Some recipes require the dough to be refrigerated for a few hours before you can start baking.

Shaped Cookies

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