Prickly Pear Juice For Infant Constipation

Prickly pear juice for infant constipation maybe a new thing for you, mommies. On today post, I will be very grateful to share a knowledge and experience that I can assure you, will be very useful for you and your babies. Prickly pear or in Spanish called Chimera and Nopal is native to Nothern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Prickly pear has been using for the source of nourishments and also medicine since prehistoric times. No doubt, this fruit has so many healthy benefits that we have to maximize for us to living a healthy life.


Pear Juice for Constipation

Pear Juice for Constipation

As a mother, you probably have to deal with infant constipation. You don’t know what to do and go to doctor every week maybe not a very wise choice. If you can find the alternative solution without using any chemical drugs, why don’t we use it? And I strongly believe that pear juice for infant constipation is the answer that we all looking for. The taste of this fruit itself is sweet enough for kids, even though it also has a sharp bitter action. Normally, infant constipation begins when you took you babies off breast milk and move to formula. I understand it must be very hard for you to see your lovely baby cried and screamed when they’re trying to bowel movements and it hurts them so bad. Prickly pear juice maybe not an instant solution, but if you keep give it to your babies regularly, it sure will help babies with awful constipation.
As a conclusion, I can convince you, prickly pear juice is a great natural remedy to relieve infant constipation. When your babies having the hard time pooping, you just need to make a juice of prickly pear and give it to your baby. Juice it together with water and the ½ tablespoon of honey and put it in a small bottle. Drink it to your babies and I can guarantee she or he will have no problem to take it. The fiber in this fruit will make her or his poop smooth and your baby doesn’t have to feel any pain anymore. And you don’t have to worry because prickly pear has no effect on allergy so it totally safe for the infant. Need a natural remedy for infant constipation? The solution is in prickly pear juice for constipation.

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