Pre-Workout Smoothie for Preliminary Energy

Pre-Workout Smoothie for Preliminary Energy

Smoothie is rawer than juice but smoother and more delicate than regular food. You can make the smoothie with a blender to mix all ingredients. People choose smoothie because easy to digest after the hard workout also increases stamina immediately. When you ask about the pre-workout smoothie, they might get a little bit confuse.

What is a purpose of workout or exercise? This activity is to burn calorie or energy in order to keep metabolism in check. Overweight is the condition where body mass index is higher than normal due to excess energy inside the body. You need to take workout as the solution to reduce fat then turn into calorie to burn. However, they forget preliminary condition before taking the workout. An empty stomach is not good for physical activity. To put in a simple explanation, you want to burn fat but still, need prior energy to generate preliminary process. This energy comes quickly from the smoothie.

Berry Pre-Workout Smoothie

Berry Pre-Workout Smoothie

Most of the smoothies are vegetables, fruits, or nuts. Additional ingredients are almond milk, coconut oil, and dairy products product such as yogurt and milk. There is easy pre-workout smoothie to try and easy to make. Ingredients are mixed berries, almond milk, yogurt, water, spinach, and ice cube. Firstly, prepare blender and put all of them without almond milk. Blend until turn into a perfect mixture. Add almond milk and blend again slowly. After that, the smoothie is ready.

As you can see, the smoothie is easy to make with just blender as the main tool. Mixed berries consist of strawberries, raspberries, etc. These fruits contain high vitamins and minerals to keep metabolism in check while your body does many workouts. You need protein, which comes from almond milk and yogurt. If you want the sweeter taste, add honey and do not put sugar to avoid high carbohydrate. Soy milk can replace almond milk. Other recommended fruits are mango, banana, orange, apple, pineapple, melon, and passion fruit. The latter fruit is popular to increase the immune system. Therefore, the pre-workout smoothie is definitely required.

Smoothie also has properties to prevent dehydrating and low blood sugar. The body takes energy from foods regularly. When doing much physical activity, especially workout, regular foods are no longer sustainable to maintain sugar level in the bloodstream. This is why smoothie is needed as the preventive measure before the hard workout.

When do you eat pre-workout smoothie? The period is one hour to thirty minutes before workout. Digestive system takes a time to digest, even smoothie. Thirty minutes is a minimum time to make body ready to use energy from this kind of smoothie.

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