Delicious Juicer Recipes for Weight Loss

During diet program for weight loss, food intake is essential. Eating vegetable and fruits will maintain metabolism and keep body healthy. It reduces calorie intake then get rid of fats inside body. Juice is another form of healthy food. Instead of eating raw apple, you can try to make juice apple. It helps digestive system. Juice is smoother form so can be easily to absorb. Body will get nutrients immediately.

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There are two popular juice recipes for weight loss. The first one is green juice. Most of ingredients are vegetable with green color or leaf. To make this juice, you need cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, lemon, and ginger. Firstly, cut cucumber, apple, and lemon into small pieces. Put them into blender then add small amount of water. Mix these things until smoother then add spinach and celery. Soak ginger into boiling water. Simmer it for moment. Use water from ginger for juice. Mix again until everything is smoother.



The second recipe is red juice. Primary ingredient is beetroot that create red appearance for juice. Additional ingredients are carrot, pineapple, lemon, and raspberry. To make this juice, you need to prepare each of ingredients in clean condition.



Firstly, cut beetroot, pineapple, carrot, lemon, and raspberry. Put them into blend device then add water. You can replace water with coconut water for more nutrients intake. Mix them until look smoother and put into glass. This juice is ready to make you lose weight. You can add more beetroot and carrot for better vitamins and minerals.

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TIPS : Be careful not to put sugar or artificial sweetener in juice. Taste might not be your favorite, but primary focus is rich nutrients. Sugar will increase calorie and ruin diet program. You may add honey or spices to control taste of juice. This drink can be consumed before breakfast in the morning.

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