Three Delicious Recipes of How to Make Strawberry Smoothies

Three Delicious Recipes of How to Make Strawberry Smoothies

If you like strawberry, it absolutely needs the ways on how to make strawberry smoothies. To make the delicious strawberry smoothie, you need to have better mixture of both fruits and vegetables. You do not get a nice smoothie look but it also has a tasty taste. Mango and banana can be extra ingredients for making strawberry smoothie. Those fruits can give a unique look of strawberry smoothie with yellow color. Here are three recipes of making strawberry smoothies.

Green Strawberry Smoothie



Strawberry is full of vitamin C and essential nutrition. A cup of strawberry smoothie contains 50 calories meeting the needs of daily vitamin C. Antioxidant contained in strawberry is beneficial to fight for free radical and impedes the cancer cells. The first recipe is called green strawberry smoothie. You need to prepare several ingredients. It includes a cup of spinach leaf, a half of strawberry, a banana, two table spoons of honey, ¾ cup of almond milk. To make it, clean fruits and ingredients and then chop it smoothly. Pour it into the blender. Add honey and almond milk. Make sure the smoothie has been very smooth. Pour the smoothie into a glass and serve it with ice to be fresher. This belongs to green smoothies because of the green vegetables. Vitamin A from spinach is useful to make your skin healthier and moist.

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

The next recipe is strawberry mango smoothie. To make a fresh strawberry smoothie, it needs to prepare a wipe mange, six fresh strawberries and four tablespoons of yoghurt. After that, you have to follow several right steps of making the strawberry mango smoothie. Firstly, peel the fruits and slice it into dices. It is used to make it smoother quickly. Then, pour it into a blender and add Greek yogurt in order to feel tasty. Blend it well and pour it into a glass. Serve it. Because it uses wipe mango, you do not need to add sugar or honey. If you like, it is better to give ice to make it fresh. These are steps on how to make strawberry smoothies.

how-to-make-strawberry smoothie

how-to-make-strawberry  mango smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry banana smoothie becomes the last recipe. To drink this delicious smoothie, it takes five-minute total time. Here are steps onhow to make strawberry smoothies. It needs 100 grams of strawberry, a wipe banana, a half cup of milk, a half cup of plain yoghurt and little honey. There are four steps to make it. Slice banana and strawberry and put into the blender. Then, add milk, yoghurt and honey. After that, blend it until it is smooth like fruit porridge. Finally, prepare a glass and pour the smoothie.

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