Best Ways to Make the Best Banana Smoothie

Are you interested in knowing how to make banana smoothie? Smoothie is just another great way to enjoy the delicate taste of Banana. For those who are quite tired of eating plain and simple bananas, but still want to consume it in a more fun and exciting way, they could opt for making various smoothies out of it.

Banana smoothies are not only refreshing and juicy, but they are also healthy for our body. In fact, some studies say that Banana has particular substances that could make us feel happy. Healthy, tasty, and it can make you happy? How can one supposed to resist that? This article would explore about few possible recipes you can try at home.

The Best Ways to Make the Best Banana Smoothie

how to make banana smoothie

how to make banana smoothie

The Creamy Smoothie Banana

Cream and Banana is essentially the perfect pair. And for this one smoothie, you will need to combine peanut butter, non-fat yogurt, and the banana itself so that you could get one tasty and juicy smoothie on the go. The ingredients are as the following :

  • two whole bananas, already frozen (optional),
  • sliced and peeled 2 carton of vanilla yogurt (the non-fat ones),
  • 1/3 cup of creamy peanut butter, as well as a half of cup non-fat Milk.

Directions :

After you are done preparing all the ingredients, now what is left to do is to blend it all together in a blender (Read Also The Best Blenders For smoothies) and puree the results until it goes all smooth and creamy.

The serving suggestions for this one is up to you, but it would be best to pour them down in an individual freezer cup to freeze them before serving it. It also has another tasty variation, which replaces the role of the non-fat milk with the low-fat ones and as for the yogurts, it uses two cups of crushed eyes for a more chilling effect.

You could use the ice crush setting to crush all the ice cubes or you could simply pulse everything out until all of the ingredients and ice are already well-mixed. Serve immediately once everything is done.

The Banana Oatmeal Smoothies Recipe

The Banana Oatmeal Smoothies Recipe

The Banana Oatmeal Smoothies Recipe

A smoothie comprises of cooked oatmeal, bananas, almonds, and yogurts to help you spruce up your day for a power breakfast. Before your exercise routine, you could consume this one to give you an extra boost of power in the morning and in your exercise session.

The ingredients are :

  • Two cups of ice,
  • 1/3 up of Yogurt,
  • ½ cup of cooked oatmeal,
  • and 1/3 of almonds.

Directions :

After you gather everything, pour them up in blender and blend them until the mixture gets thicken. Hope these will help you better in how to make banana smoothie!

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