How to Make a Smoothie with Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruit can be made into some kind of smoothie. What you need are the ingredients, water filter, and blender. Several fruits are suitable for this drink. You can pick tropical ones such as mango and banana. Strawberry and raspberry are common in smoothie form.

Another fruits are peach, orange, lemon, grapes, apples, and so on. You can pick one or two fruits as combination. Don’t try blending many kinds of ones because they ruin the flavor. Cut this fruit into small pieces. This step will make the blending quickly. Moreover, if the fruit is too hard like peach or apple, smoothie would be less smooth.

Make a Smoothie with Frozen Fruit in Healthy Way 





The second step is preparing additional ingredients. The purposes are flavor improvement, thickness, and make it look soluble. You are able to pick milk, yogurt, coconut water, butter or cheese. After you put all of pieces of fruits into blender, pour these additional ingredients. Make sure ratio is good. Blending process should be ready. The time of this process depends on hardness of fruits and what additional ingredients that you choose. Water is optional in this step. If the form is like dough, it would be better to add some water. Don’t blend to long because, it will look a little weird but it’s up to you.


Actually, the recipe to make smoothie frozen fruits is done. However, you will get useful tips and information to get better taste and appearance. If you like sweetness, put sugar into your smoothie. Use healthy sugar because smoothie intends for healthy drink.

Instead of healthy, sugar might be dangerous for some people with sugar related illness. Other good combinations are tea and chocolate. When you put fruits into blender, tea creates distinct scent. This aroma will act as fresher. In other side, milk and chocolate are good additional ingredients. Both of them should have same ratio.

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The last thing is proportion. How many frozen fruits that is matched and perfect? Fruits might be fifty to sixty percent. Ten percent to twenty is additional ingredients. The rest is water. This proportion is not absolute. You can improvise it as long as fruits part is the highest. Coconut water is good choice and it increase nutrients. If you want more liquid form, try fruits that contain much water, such as watermelon and orange. With this one, smoothie will be lighter and you don’t spend much time for blending. Furthermore, frozen fruits are good choice to make smoothie.

How to make Smoothie With Frozen Fruit (strawberry smoothie)



Ingredients :

  • 15 frozen strawberries
  • 150 ml liquid milk
  • 150 ml yogurt
  • ice cubes (crushed)

How to Make strawberry Smoothies :

  1. Separate pieces of stalk strowberry
  2. After that, washed with water until completely clean
  3. Enter the stowberry that already clean into the blender
  4. Enter the liquid milk and yoghurt along with crushed ice into a blender with strowberry
  5. Blend all ingredients that have been entered with moderate or high speed
  6. Wait until completely smooth for about 3 minutes and ready to be served

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