The Truth Behind The Hot Water, Honey & Cinnamon Diet

The Truth Behind The Hot Water, Honey & Cinnamon Diet

Drinking a cup of beverage that is not only sweet but also spicy can make your body feel warm and satisfy your craving for something that is honeyed, but it probably does not have the ability to detoxify your body from substances that are harmful or help you in losing weight as how it is claimed. A drink that has honey and cinnamon mixed with hot water is not a diet by itself but rather a drink you can have at particular times of the day as a cleanse. Similar to a majority of fad diets out there, the hot water, honey & cinnamon diet sounds promising without actually being able to give any concrete proof. Before you make any alterations to your normal eating habits, it is best to always consult a doctor first.



How To Make The Hot Water, Honey & Cinnamon Drink

In order to make the drink,

  1. Put a cinnamon in a cup filled with hot water and leave it for 30 minutes. You should add the honey after the water has cooled down.
  2. The directions of how to make the cleanse say that if you add the honey when the water in the cup is actually still hot it will inactivate the honey’s natural enzymes.
  3. The recipe also says that the cinnamon should be twice the amount of honey you put in the drink.

You should drink half of the concoction before you go to bed, and put the remaining in your refrigerator for you to drink the next morning when you wake up. You should also drink it only when your stomach is empty. The method proposes that not only does the drink cleanse your body, it can also help weight loss without you having to change anything else in your diet.

The Weight-Loss Benefits Of The Hot Water, Honey & Cinnamon Drink

There is almost no proof that supports the claims that are made for the cleansing drink. A study that is published in the journal named The Scientific World Journal in 2008 has looked into the effects of honey in comparison to sugar for factors of cardiovascular risk, including weight, on a group of people who are obese and overweight. The findings of the study show that the group who took honey instead of sugar experienced a decrease of 1.3 percent of their total body weight, which is called as a mild reduction by the researchers. Cinnamon has also been under study for its effect on hunger satiety, which can be helpful to people who are seeking for weight loss. Unfortunately, there is no proof that cinnamon is able to increase satiety that was able to be found by the researchers yet. Even though the information sounds hopeful for honey, there should be more research done on it first before certain claims about it can be made.

In conclusion, it can be good for you to drink the mixture of honey and cinnamon before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning in order to fill your diet with more fluids, but it is highly unlikely that it will help you in losing weight.


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