Chia Seeds Side Effects

Ever think of chia seeds side effects if consume too much and not per doctor’s advice? Chia seeds have the long list of goodness, however, do not over consume without the guidance of a doctor. If you are a cancer patient and is taking drugs for cancer treatment, blood thinning medicine due to high blood pressure or even other supplements, it is wise to consult your doctor for advice and ask for the dosage.

Normally marketers and advertisers tend to over promote especially when it comes to health food while consumers easily fall into the trap and over consume. Clearly, some good foods provide more minerals, nutrition, and vitamins but always remember that anything that is consumed excessively will not be beneficial like chia seeds side effects which sometimes do more harm than good.

So, what are Chia Seeds Side Effects?

If you tend to have gastric problem, consume too much chia seeds can cause gastrointestinal disruptions and will get worsened. This is because it has high fiber content and leads to the formation of gas and bloating problem. Patients who are currently taking blood thinning medication or just gone through operation must consult the doctor before consuming as chia seeds side effects might aggravate your health situation. Studies have also shown that low blood pressure patients should avoid taking chia seeds as it will further reduce the diastolic blood pressure.

After consuming chia seeds and you found yourself having diarrhea, watery eyes, skin rashes or any swelling in any part of your body, please consult the doctor immediately. Some people just can’t take chia seeds as it causes allergy to their body. This is one of the chia seeds side effects due to the high content of protein that cause adverse reactions to some people. There are even studies conducted that too much chia seeds, especially for men, will increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Chia Seeds Side Effects

Chia Seeds Side Effects

When making your chia seeds drink, you will notice that it absorbs water and becomes gel-like and thus makes you feel very full after consuming it. It’s good for people who wants to slim down so that the feeling of fullness will make them eat and drink less, however always remember please drink plenty of water to at least  8 to 9 cups daily. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, drain your energy and make you feel tired. Our daily activities help us to lose water through breath, perspiration, bowel movements and urine so we have to replenish its supply. Last but not least, we have heard about chia seeds health benefits and chia seeds side effects so please eat sparingly and don’t over indulge.

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