Can You Rely On The Best Amino Acids For Weight Loss?

Can You Rely On The Best Amino Acids For Weight Loss?

Be careful when you are approaching supplements for weight loss that makes claims even though they are unsupported. Some amino acids such as phenylalanine and amino acids that are branched-chain in particular, have been marketed extensively for weight loss and are claimed as the best amino acids for weight loss. However, when looked at more closely, it seems that the evidence used in supporting these claims are highly limited and if any, is already out of date. Amino acids are what makes up the protein and therefore it is found in a lot of foods that is part of your daily diet. Nevertheless, until there is an available and concrete research that shows how certain amino acids are effective, it is best for you to stay with the strategies for losing weight that has been proven. The good news is that in order to help you lose weight, you can integrate whey protein into your diet.

amino acids for weight loss

amino acids for weight loss

Looking Closer At Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Valine, leucine, and isoleucine are what is called as branched-chain amino acids and as mentioned before, have been marketed extensively for losing weight. The connection between the two is established from a little research that was published at the end of the 20th century, and it suggested that if you combine branched-chain amino acids with a diet that restricts calories, it can help weight loss. A particular study published in the journal called International Journal of Sports Medicine on 1997 says that they found that the combination of a diet that restricts calories and branched-chain amino acids caused a significant decrease in weight for elite wrestlers. However, a research that is more recently published confirms that what earlier studies have found is lacking, so it is not possible to know certainly whether having branched-chain amino acids as supplements can be effective for losing weight.

How Amino Acids Help Weight Loss

An amino acid that is popularly marketed as something to suppress appetite is phenylalanine. Unfortunately, similar to branched-chain amino acids, the evidence that is available to support it is limited and also out of date. Phenylalanine may have a role in appetite control, but the only evidence available for it was published in the 1990s. A study published in the Metabolism journal in 1994 says that phenylalanine stimulates the release of cholecystokinin hormone which suppresses appetite. Twenty minutes before their meal, volunteers for the students who took phenylalanine ended up eating fewer calories and reported increased satiety compared to those who took placebos instead.

If this were true, it means that phenylalanine may be beneficial towards weight loss as it has the potential to influence a person’s appetite. However, there is still a need for a more recent research obtaining results that are similar before we can take this information for certain.

Whey powder is a protein of high quality that you can use to help you lose weight as it contains both essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. According to a study published by the Nutrition and Metabolism journal in 2008, if you combine it with a diet low in calories, it can help increasing loss of fat while retaining lean muscle.


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