Acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture for weight loss is not that well known as an option to lose weight. Its potential is an unknown gem of knowledge and only a few have taken advantage of its benefits. Many people are not committed or determined enough to exercise and eat healthily. Some are too overweight and have considered surgery. Others just get discouraged because they do not see results fast enough. If any one of these categories relates to you then Acupuncture is for you. It is a holistic way to approach healthcare that uses needles to cure or treat ailments in patients.

Acupuncture for weight loss? Immediately an image has entered your mind, needles are being inserted into your flabby parts and once punctured like a blow-up the tube, it is deflated. No, would be nice but not that simple. The needles are inserted into specific points to stimulate the release of appetite controlling endorphins. Prior to your first treatment specialists must first assess and examine you, so a cause of the problem is established. Part of the assessment ascertains where the needles are then inserted and a physical examination will establish your general wellbeing as well as calculate your body mass.

Acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture for weight loss

The specialist who does your Acupuncture for weight loss must find the cause for your weight gain in order to treat you effectively. Once the cause is ascertained then the vital points are identified and needles are then inserted into the different areas of the body.

There are various ways to approach weight loss through acupuncture; there is the multi-targeted approach which is increasing the productivity of the pituitary gland. Needles will be inserted in the ear and two or three other points which are the stomach, mouth, lung, endocrine, spleen, thyroid or kidney. The ‘four gate’ points during the initial treatment are used to allow energy to flow more quickly through the whole body. The Acupuncture for weight loss specialist then decides whether electro stimulation will be necessary to assist metabolism and increase the production of endorphins. This treatment is 30-40 minutes and needles will be kept in place for maximum support deemed appropriate. The needles will be extracted and replaced with adhesive ear tacks, these work by reducing cravings and producing endorphins to counteract by increasing will power thereby reducing your tendency for bringing as well as overeating. Studies have shown that it lowers insulin levels.

Acupuncture for weight loss at home has many advantages and is not addictive or have any harmful side effects. To get the full effect you have to be committed to having many treatments though I have to mention the one disadvantage is that it is a bit of a pricey venture so be prepared for the expense especially depending on a number of sessions deemed necessary for optimal results. Best of luck on your road to losing weight, the road is long but there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

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